Dave Buchholz is a woodturner living in the beautiful Adirondack mountains in upstate New York.  He creates unique bowls, platters, and other objects out of wood, working to highlight and preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

His Story

Inlaid Bowl
Walnut Inlaid Bowl

While in high school my grandfather gave me his wood lathe. I taught myself to turn small objects. After that, finishing my formal education, raising a family, and pursuing a career took over all my time. It was not until several decades later that I took up wood turning again and in 2000 joined the Chicago Wood Turning club. Over the next several years I took classes with a number of well known wood turners to improve my skills.

After retiring, my wife and I moved to the Adirondacks where we had been coming to a small cabin for thirty years. I now have more time to explore using local woods to create both utilitarian and artistic pieces. Wood that has natural flaws is much more inspiring and challenging to develop and bring out the hidden beauty.

I really enjoy finding inspiration in nature to use and to enhance. Sometimes this means adding crystal mineral inlays, using wood burning techniques, adding colors, or changing the texture of the surface. Often the grain pattern found in the wood will suggest what should be done with a piece.

 – Dave Buchholz

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